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GT Yachts in the Press

The launch of GT Yachts and the GT35 in particular has been very well supported by the yachting press and this month has seen two test reports published. Whilst the first, by Graham Snook of Yachting Monthly (July issue, need to be quick!), left readers in no doubt that this yacht is indeed ideal for offshore passage making (5 stars), David Harding's report in Practical Boat Owner (Summer issue) gives a full and accurate account of the full range of technical qualities and abilities of the GT35. Both reports are must reads! To give you a taste of how David found the GT35, a few choice quotes from the report:

"Beating into 32-33 knots of wind across the deck in open water under full sail is a reasonably stiff test of any boat. The GT35 didn't bat an eyelid..."

"The angle of vanishing stability is an impressive 144°, matched by the lowest inverted stability you will find on almost anything other than a lifeboat."

"...the compass heading confirmed we had indeed tacked through 60°."

David's report is an important article in the story of the GT35 as he is somebody who knows these sort of yachts inside out. He is also somebody who will have no problem with reporting shortcomings. His technical appraisal of the GT35 mirrors the conceptual description that I took to Stephen Jones some 3 years ago, one which I couldn't easily find in any other yacht on the market.

So, if you're thinking of actually sailing somewhere and you're looking for a seagoing yacht engineered to withstand the elements and designed to reward under sail, come and look over the GT35; a substantial, yet manageable, offshore cruiser. Email.

Also, fresh off the drawing board....

Introducing the GT30
The Baby of the Family!!

After receiving feedback from interested owners and discussions with Stephen Jones, GT Yachts has developed the GT30. Essentially a much larger and more modern Sadler 290, the GT30 is a fully capable and well thought-out coastal cruiser. Designed for the couple or small family that enjoys coastal port hopping and who don't want to let the weather deter them!

Offered with a choice of fin or bilge keels, this yacht is highly appealing to those who are looking for a robust, seaworthy cruiser, but who are not looking to cross oceans.

For further information, drop me a line,

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