Out in a Near Gale

It's one thing to harp on about the qualities of a particular design but there's nothing like a real life test to confirm a vessel's capabilities. In a previous life I would take ship designs from concept to production often with a period of tank-testing along the way. While tank-testing is good, and given a big enough model, yes it can definitely give you a good idea of the hull resistance in calm water as well as flow characteristics, it is often poor at predicting the increase in resistance due to waves as well as sea handling. For these types of test there's really no option than a full scale trial. For a sailing yacht, that means going out in wind, lots of it!

Well GT35-01 got a bit of a taste of that when Jan Maas from the German sailing magazine Segeln came and put the boat through her paces and also took some great shots. The test made for thrilling sailing with high winds and a great performance. Whilst the sea was kind with a short fetch, over the three and a half hours of sailing in apparent wind speeds of well over 30 knots and peaking at 36 knots, under full sail, the yacht remained comfortably under control. I'm looking forward to Jan's review!

Enjoy the photos and see you at Southampton Boat Show. Remember to contact me if you want to test sail GT35-01 while she's on the south coast as she'll be heading back up to the east coast shortly after the boat show.


Comfortable helm and crew. Although the boat has the rail in the water (in the photo below), I'm content with one hand on the wheel leaning comfortably on the deep coaming or perched on the fold-away dickie seat which is stowed and obscured by my legs, feet on the centreline foot rest.
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