GT Yachts' Inaugural Boat Show 8/10/2013

The PSP Southampton Boat Show 2013 saw GT Yachts attend its inaugural boat show. With GT35#1 still in build, GT Yachts presented parts of the interior joinery as well as photos of the yacht in build. Staff were also able to take interested parties through the concept of a GT Yacht.

"Exciting times!" comments GT Yachts MD, Conrad Cockburn. "It's a pleasure to witness so many people understanding and agreeing with what we've set out to acheive. Taking enquiries at the stand was busy at times!". GT Yachts now has a growing list of those who are keen to see the yacht in build at Windboats in Wroxham and also those who want to test sail the GT35 when it launches in January.

The boat show saw many people coming on to the stand who had already seen us in the press, but also gave us invaluable presence allowing those who had not yet heard of us to come and take a look.

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