The New GT35 Club - A New Addition to the Family! 28/07/2015

Having launched the gold standard GT35 Grand Tour, GT Yachts has been busy developing a new model and can now announce the addition of the GT35 Club version. The GT35 Club maintains all of the sailing performance and engineering standards of her higher spec sister, including low centre of gravity, high aspect ratio rig, integrated structural arrangements and fore and aft water-tight bulkheads but vastly simplifies the interior outfit and deck arrangement.

"After the excellent reviews and having listened to customers I realised that whilst there is certainly a place in the market for the GT35 Grand Tour, there is also a place for a version for those on a smaller budget." says Conrad Cockburn, MD at GT Yachts. "The Grand Tour version is arguably a luxurious 35 footer so a Club version is a natural addition to the family and simply provides the same sailing yacht with many of the trimmings and complexities of build removed. For example, the forecabin in the GT35 Grand Tour is quite the owners' cabin and while we've kept the same space, the berth and some items of joinery have been changed to make the outfit simpler and more straightforward to build in the Club version."

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