The New GT35 - Debut at Southampton Boat Show! 16/07/2014

A new era dawns as GT Yachts, Britain's newest and most exciting yacht manufacturer prepares to show the new GT35 at Southampton Boat Show. GT Yachts is putting a stake in the ground with this inaugural international boat show for the GT35, with the promise of a world beating range of yachts to follow. Indeed as David Harding put it in the summer issue of PBO when reporting in his 6-page test of the GT35, "It's a long time since a new British boatbuilder has appeared with a world-beater - but the GT35 has the potential to be just that."

There has been a raft of positive reporting on GT Yachts and the new GT35, starting with a great write up and analysis in Yachting World as well as inclusion in the New Yachts section in Yachting Monthly as long ago as June 2013. This has been followed by extremely positive test reports in both Yachting Monthly (five stars for Offshore Passage Making) and Practical Boat Owner ("... equally suited to coastal cruising and offshore passage making") and further positive commentary is expected in the German press after the magazine "Segeln" took the boat for a spin last week.. in a F7! The test was performed under full sail with over 35 knots over the deck at times, something not many boats could actually achieve let alone remain comfortably under control, albeit under the hand of experienced boat tester, Jan Maas.

Conrad Cockburn comments "Having taken GT Yachts through the process of conceiving a new and unique range of cruisers, witnessing Stephen Jones answering the brief so expertly and seeing GT35-01 become everything the concept design set out to achieve, this boat show has been a long time coming..."

Now, having built up some very useful momentum, Southampton Boat Show 2014 is extremely important. Not only is this the first attendance at an international boat show, something which in itself is historic, it also represents the first time the boat buying public will see the GT35 for themselves and pass judgement! The aim for the boat show is to get as many people as possible committed to taking the GT35 for a demo sail. Once people sail her there is simply no turning back. Everybody who has sailed the GT35 has experienced something pretty special.

GT Yachts will be exhibiting the GT35 in the marina at berth M281. For a private viewing at the show, please phone or send an email.

For more images of the construction and launch of GT35-01 visit the photo diary on GT Yachts' Facebook page.

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